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Tabuhra, The Spirit Of Deserts by MrBoltTron Tabuhra, The Spirit Of Deserts by MrBoltTron
~Bionicle (c) The Lego Group
~Feet design by A Stag Beetle from flickr
~i-R15 ball built by Umamen from flickr
~MOC built by Me

Tabuhra (c) :iconmrbolttron:

Gender: Female
Age: 22 
Element: Sand
~Suna Staff
~The Suffocater Pistol (Modificated Magnum Pistol)
~Damaged Dagger
~Scout Drone i-R15
~Hover Sand Board

Mask: Noble Kanohi Huna (Destroyed), Synthetic Krana Za

Group: None
Status: Alive
Occupation: Toa, Bounty Hunter
Species: Sor-Matoran
Location: Spherus Magna
Title: The Sand Spirit, The Spirit of Deserts, The Desert Bandit

MOC status: Assembled



                            THE CREATION OF TABUHRA

On Ocean, In one of Walking Mechanical Continents, in outside of Matoran Universe,
the day where Neo-Toa and Matoran scientists made experiments with test subjects, testing their strength and endurance, their elemental might and their power, they were unstable warriors though. Each day Neo-Toa treats the test subjects like slaves for war, there were no freedom for them, only the way to achieve the free will is to become like Neo-Toa. 
One day The Matoran Scientists built and created Toa of Sand, a prototype of Sand Toa, Tabuhra, The Spirit of Sand. By creating Sand element, they had to modificate stone element crystal into sand powered crystal. Unfortunately there were numerous failures transforming an element into another kind element. Tabuhra was shut down for months.
Until finally the moment The Matoran Scientists have achieved, they've managed transform stone into sand element. The time has come, they set Sand crystal inside Tabuhra's chest, her element chamber. For the first time The Matoran Scientists awakened her, they have created The First Toa of Sand, as they claimed.

                                       THE NEVERENDING TRIAL

At Tabuhra's early years, she learmed the basics inside of Training Chamber, walking, reading, studying about engines and vehicles. However, for the numerous times she tried to control sand power, learning to possess sand extended into minutes to hours, hours to days, days to months, but still no promising results controlling sand properly. Tabuhra didn't have time to rest, as The Neo-Toa forced her to control and master sand, thus she  didn't understand why she couldn't have her own time, rather than forcing.
Weeks later, in Cell Chamber, she got help though from another prisoner Toa, the Toa of Stone named Kulor. He mentioned that Tabuhra had to control multiple particles, if not thousands or millions or billions of particles and minerals, compared to stone element. Kulor heard about "Project: Spirit of Deserts" before, and about stone crystal transforming into sand elemental crystal. He knew that she is the one. Tabuhra wasn't interested at all, but Kulor asked her being free, after mastering sand element.
With her careful thought, Tabuhra changed her mind and asked from Kulor how he controls stone power. 
Kulor told to her to watch outside of Training Arena, how he possess stones for combat. Days later, each individual test subject showed their skills and might to The Neo-Toa and Matoran Scientists. Tabuhra watched from side how Kulor performed his skills to them. To him, it was a piece of cake, but at the same time heavy to control large amount of rocks. Next was Tabuhra, around of Training Arena, the sand leaked from large circular vents. After when the sand has fully leaked to arena, it was the time for her. She tried to control sand little by little, but couldn't manage to fully control sand. 
Tabuhra thought that she's not able to escape from nightmare, but every performances in Training Arena, she secretly gathered sand with her. Each day Tabuhra practiced sand power in her cell, and over time, she got better, step by step. She could mold sand into tiny sized objects, later Tabuhra learned to create various sized sand weapons.
The day finally arrived, she was prepared for the test, showing her sand powered skills and abilities to The Neo-Toa. Tabuhra molded sand into hard clay type walls, creating medium sized sandstorms, transforming a large amount of sand into an enormous sand boulder, et cetera.
They saw her promising results, and accepted her test being succesful. Tabuhra smelled freedom, but she was ordered back to her cell. She was shocked and wondered why going back, when her performance was still pass. From protected view room where was a couple of Matoran Scientists and a pair of Neo-Toa guards, The Commander told her via audio speakers that she is indeed an useful tool for upcoming threats or missions. 
Tabuhra's temper started to rose into hotzone, she didn't understood their point, but she got mad for a lying promise that the Training Arena covered by sand started to be shaken, by her element. She started to mold sands into sand javelins at view room where were Matoran Scientists, a few Neo-Toa and The Commander. Tabuhra thrusted sand javelins thhrough the view room's glasses and killed a couple lf Neo-Toa. The Commander saw it as a red alert that he alarmed the emergency.
The other test subjects were ordered to go back to their cells, while a dozens of Neo-Toa came from large mechanical arena gates and surrounded her. Tabuhra still rebelled against them, as she created a wide range of quicksand around her that most of Neo-Toa got stuck on quicksand, however few of them flew higher level to avoid her trap. Tabuhra continued fighting them, until she ran out her elemental control. Tabuhra no longer couldn't control sand, as she was surrounded by Neo-Toa, imprisoned and poleaxed, and she was taken back to cell. Tabuhra felt hatred on them and learned to never trust with others, besides Kulor.

                                              THE FALSE VISION

Next day she was in straitjacket on hover board, tightly locked that it was impossible to escape. Tabuhra was sent to The Commander, where they were in his office and had a conversation about her sensitive snapped mind. The Commander told her that in order to be "free", she had to be still put on The Elemental Trial tests, to double test her true powers. Tabuhra ignored him, and she was sent back to her "new" cell.
The routine continued, The Medic Drone was sent to check her health, she studied, trained with sand element, in a smaller and constricted room. Tabuhra later heard from Matoran Scientists building Sand weapon called, Suna Staff. With Suna Staff, she could control billions of samd particles, however as a drawback, draining her more  elemental energy as well. Tabuhra had to kept in mind about it, Suna Staff was held in laboratory sector.
Five days later, while Tabuhra was sleeping, she woke up and heard screams of agony, noting also the cell being open. The Prison of Subjects were on fire, every test subjects  were rampaging and rebelling back. Some of them fought each other and The Neo-Toa, others were captured by The Neo-Toa, but most of them escaped into active portal to nowhere. Tabuhra rose and ran away from cell, but she had to first find the lab where Suna Staff was held. The lab was on fire also, and she hurried up. When Tabuhra finally finds the lab, she found other kinds of experiments, The Visorak spiders' bodies, man-made Bohrok exo-shells, synthetic Krana masks and Rahi creatures. Tabuhra found Suna Staff, but as a sudden ambush, she was attacked by her cell mate, Kulor.
"You know, I was ordered by them, ordered to watch over you, your progress, your skills, et cetera. Trust me, The Commander wants you back in one piece, and you can live in cell of void. I'll get free and get an promotion by The Neo-Toa, and I'll be member of Ryu Rebublic Forces", bragged Kulor. "Koe tama a te uwha", Tabuhra had enough and fought Kulor.
She didn't have sand around her, but Kulor possessed stones from Rahi creatures' territory chambers and "shot" small rocks as bullets at her. Tabuhra dodged his attack and activated her Noble Kanohi Huna to cloak herself. The fire boosted up and became furious fiery hell in lab. Tabuhra sneaked behind Kulor and hopped on his back and strangled him. Kulor quickly grabbed her arms and smacked her into floor, but Tabuhra controlled sand from Rahi creatures' territory chamber and blinded Kulor's sight. She escaped quickly and picked up Suna staff, unfortunately Kulor swinged hammer at her mask, breaking her Noble Kanohi Huna.
She saw a flash, a white background, endless void of whiteness, she couldn't hear for a moment. Until Tabuhra woke up from unconscious state, breathing weakly, seeing her broken mask. She saw Kulor rubbing sand away from his eyes. For her last attempt to survive, Tabuhra saw a syntethic Krana Za, which she saw it as a normal "mask". She put it on her own face and felt it as organic. Tabuhra stood up slowly and picked up her Suna Staff from floor.
Tabuhra used and controlled Suna Staff, summoning a huge amount of sand from outside of Training Arena, from enormous sand chambers. She possessed the sand controlled via vent channels. 
Kulor finally got rid off sand from his eyes and saw Tabuhra having Krana Za on her face. "Well well well, you look even more prettier than before!" Kulor laughed at her sarcasticly. "Indeed", stated Tabuhra and bragged back: "You look hideous with your Great ugly Ruru." Kulor got offended and got mad at her, and his "blood" of anger woke up his muscle veins, as he started run and ram everything on his way. "You better run, or you will be crushed brutally!!" Kulor shouted in his anger statement. Tabuhra wondered: "I wonder how would you look in munmified form." She controlled sand from vents into lab, sand impacts crashing at Kulor from both sides, slowing his run. Tabuhra finishes him by blasting more sand at him, to suffocate Kulor, at least she hoped.
Tabuhra then escapes from lab, seekng lab on fire. While running she saw destroyed and dismantled Neo-Toa bodies and test subjects' corpses. Tabuhra saw an active portal where the other test subjects were escaping through, she sensed the freedom at last. The Neo-Toa noticed her and started to alarm others that their valuable weapon was retreating. The Engineer Matoran throws a Scout Drone chasing her, flying and following her. Tabuhra felt it, the freedom, the hope, the greenish land where she always wanted to be, at least she thought.
Tabuhra escapes through the active portal, and the Scout Drone flew through the portal also, tracking her footprints to other world, however it glitched up due to portal's energy. The wormhole appears from sky on Spherus Magna's desert, middle of nowhere. Tabuhra holding Suna Staff and lands on sand dune, while Scout Drone also flinged from portal to sand dune. She didn't expect seeing more sand. Being around, in middle of nowhere, but having a slight sight of a dead Giant Robot from far away. All what she tought, was lost.


"Reality upon ideology."

Due to her past, Tabuhra often prefers to be alone. She dislikes when someone anneals something promising rewards or deals for her, and ends up to be a false leading thought. Her personality is described being a hedonist Toa. Though Tabuhra is a lone wolf, she's not fully alone, as Scout Drone called i-R15 tries often to help her and tries to turn her to be a social Toa with others. 

Powers, Weapon(s)/Tool(s) & Weaknesses
Tabuhra is Toa of Sand, which she can possess and absorb sand elemented attacks. Her perfect advantage is molding sand into various objects or weapons. Tabuhra carries a main weapon called Suna Staff, which allows an advantage for Tabuhra to fully control sand. Without Suna Staff, she can possess one fourth of sand power for combat. Tabuhra can create various trap based attacks, such as quicksand which slows and pulls the target to under of sand. She is able to create sand hurricanes also. All of her sand based attacks' strength depends if Tabuhra is in area where there is no sand or has sand, which often she roams in Spherus Magna deserts. Tabuhra could create Nova Blast if she is around of sand or in desert, she can create strongest sand elemental attack called "Desert Avalanche", burying and suffocating the targets into death.
Tabuhra carries secondary weapons, her prefered weapon called The Suffocater Pistol is a short ranged modificated magnum pistol from one of Neo-Toa. Mainly Tabuhra uses it if she ran out Sand energy, and she shoots at target's chest, piercing through target's chest and ends up to its lungs. The sand bullet ignites and explodes into sand, filling target's lungs, which eventually prevents its breathing and eventually suffocating inside out. Tabuhra uses damaged dagger against the target if she loses her Suna Staff and The Suffocater Pistol. She carries also a crafted telescope for hunting.
Tabuhra once found Hover Sand Board from one of abandoned village in Spherus Magna while searching the her prey.  She uses Hover Sand Board for travelling and roaming in deserts.
Tabuhra's Scout Drone i-R15 is a mentor drone also. Mainly he searches and analyzes dangers in deserts for her, and even easy routes to travel safely to another place. Tabuhra finds i-R15 being annoying for the most of time.
Due to her early years where she studied crafting vehicles mostly in The Prison of Subjects, Tabuhra has engineer skills to build customized vehicles in her hideout. As for her spare time she search and locates various engines and parts to craft and build own vehicle, or more of them. Rarely if hunting abandoned vehicles starts to be frustrating for her, she sometimes steals vehicles' various parts in different villages of Spherus Magna. Eventually she crafts new weapons or vehicles.
Tabuhra's greatest weakness is water, which slows her sand movement drasticly and makes sand's structure weaker. As well the ice, which freezes her sand element into stationary form. Her lethal weakness is fire, ultimately when fire elemented being throws fire at sand, its element will turn into glass form, making impossible to possess it anymore.

Strength: 7.3/10
Skill: 7.9/10
Agility: 8.1/10
Endurance: 6.5/10
Intelligence: 6.1/10
Rank: 3/10
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(one day, a matoran scientist was drunk and made a toa of confetti =p)
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