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Kupira Akisame, the Demon by UnsolvableRubiksCube

So here we have Kupira Akisame in her 2.0 version? Well, I'll give ya a constructive criticism :) So this Kupira Akisame MOC 2.0 is pret...

Bionicle MOC: Kalikiki(a Kaiba Gal character) by Mana-Ramp-Matoran

Okay, so... Where should I start with this MOV Kalikiki..? Now, I have to be honest that this Kalikiki MOV is pretty okay and good look...

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Pics of my MOCs and WIPs'. Most of them are Bionicle stuff!


Favourites, favourites everywhere! <3




Bythalis (5.0) WIP 02 by MrBoltTron
Bythalis (5.0) WIP 02
Well, since you probably haven't seen any progress on my self MOC's fifth form, here he is, again. A lot of people have complained about his feet, which yes, looking the previous progress on him, they indeed are awkward looking, at least I knew that coming. Well, at least I did a very small update on his feet, and some of you may have feeling that his feet are tiny. It maybe is the case, however adding something may give him a clownish feet, which I totally dislike clown feet designs. Also I gave him the "function" on his feet, so that he can "grab" his own weapons wit his feet, just like Raiden.

Anyways, his arms are built, plus his bionic arm has a new appearence. Skrall armor version is though my favourite one, however I had to revamp his bionic arm as well, so it fits his slim look (Okay, maybe a little bit bulky, but not bulky as the previous one:…). 

Also his back is updated, and I will not include his second Lightning Katana, instead he gets a Tesla Wakizashi. How I have a feeling that my self MOC is like, Genji from Overwatch? Perhaps his visor and weapon placements, and ninja concept.
Where should I start? Oh well, let's talk about my future upcoming life progress. Since I have been here for about 2 years and 4 months, now, I may have to tell you about one thing. I'm going to military service in 3rd July 2017, yeah, I have 362 days left before I'm going there. However, no panic, I'll stick around here and make my progress on MOCing (and progress on my personal life). After when I'm in military service, I'll spend there a full year, 365 days. I might pop online sometimes, but I have to check when I will have time. That being said for now.

Another thing. This maybe upset you or whatever you will react, but I have considered shut my YouTube account in near future. Honestly I'm active other times, like uploading my video reviews and such, but other times my personal life drags me to do stuff and that causes me inactivity on YT. Like I said, I'm considering about it. I don't call myself biotuber, because I'm mostly on photographing MOCs on other social media and that's it. Maybe I'm not going to shut my channel afterall, but it might become very inactive, due to my lack of motivation on making video reviews. I can still give a try on some of my MOCs, but only time tells.

Everything is here said I think, yes. Anyway, these have been updates about my future and life progress as well, and have a nice day lovely people!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
P.S. Thanks Toxic.Geek for this awesome pixelicon!:D

Good morning or good day or good evening, deviants and people. My name is MrBoltTron also from flickr and YouTube and aka MrBT from BZPower. My favorite hobbies are track cycling, music listening, building legos and playing video games with my friends (and sometimes reading books) :3 Hero Factory stuff I build and I redesign them most of the times, of course one of my favorite lego lines is Bionicle. Well, welcome here to my page :D

You can catch me also from:
flickr:… :D

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